About Me

Well, since this is nearly all setup I figured I should start (well, excluding that formatting test) with a relatively short and sweet introduction.

I'm James; I currently work for a large company where, without getting too long-winded, I look after a lot of data, produce data reports, run simulations and write software to help the team I belong to produce reports/simulations in a more efficient manner.

I've always grown up around technology. My dad worked for a networking company back when I was a kid in the 90's, and was always brining home bits of old computers, modems, weird storage things etc. I'd often go scavenging in the loft, where inevitably the cast-offs were stowed away for... well, "the future" as every male is accustomed to.

I think my interest in programming began not long after getting the internet. I'm not sure how, but I stumbled into SDF, a free UNIX shell account service from the 80's, where I tumbled down a rabbit hole of this magical new world of UNIX, telnet, SSH, IRC channels... All of it intrigued me from a ripe young age.

Still being young I quite predictably loved video games, and inside this tavern of curiosity that was SDF there was a MUD. I was instantly hooked. I started off playing with clients to automate some of my inputs, then moved into looking at the game's codebase. I ended up changing bits then wrote a few snippets, and hence began my adventures into the world of programming...